Скажи сыр»: Забавные идеи фотокабины для приема

Скажи сыр”: Забавные идеи фотокабины для приема

От классического реквизита до уникальных декораций, дайте вашим гостям возможность расслабиться и принять позу! Learn more about creative photobooth ideas perfect for your reception and let the smiles and "Скажи сыр!" fill the room.7 мин

Everyone wants their wedding to be ⁣an unforgettable and unique experience. Why not give your guests a fun and creative way to capture those memorable moments that they can ​cherish forever? With these say cheese photobooth ideas, you’ll provide your guests with an opportunity to take fun ⁤memories home with them.

1. What is a Photobooth?

If you’re looking for an interactive way to add some fun to your reception plans, nothing beats a photobooth! A photobooth is a dedicated space with a backdrop and props that allows your guests to take funny pictures with their friends, family and ⁣other wedding-goers. These take-home ‍souvenirs can be instant keepsakes of a great event, and ⁢many wedding coordinators are taking advantage of the photobooth trend.

1. Photobooth Props & Backdrops

Your‍ basic photobooth set-up should include colorful props ⁣like​ feather boas, негабаритные шляпы, and ‍sunglasses. Также, make sure you have enough‌ props‍ for the whole party and think of other gimmicks like a giant pair of scissors for a “cutting the cake” shot, or lacy veils for the bridesmaids. If possible, also set up a cool, themed ⁢backdrop to capture your guests in⁣ high style – whether it’s an out-of-the-box option like vintage clocks or an all-white setup ⁣for instant ​chicness.

2. Photo Printing

If you want the convenience and novelty of a⁣ photobooth, but⁣ don’t⁤ want to ‍pay out for a professional upgrade, you can always print your pictures retrospectively. All you have to do is purchase a digital camera, have an attendant manning it throughout the night, and print out⁤ enough copies of the shots⁢ after the event ​for‌ each person in the wedding ⁤party.

3. Hiring⁣ a Photobooth

For an‍ even better alternative, hire an⁤ honest-to-goodness pro photobooth! Have them offer special, one-of-a-kind services like scrapbooking, providing branded “film strips” or strips with the wedding couple’s initials. Most of these ⁤services are now digitized which allows guests to instantly upload ​their pictures to social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.

2. Benefits of Using a Photobooth at Your Reception

Are you looking for⁣ a fun way to bring a unique touch to your reception that your guests will love? A photobooth can do⁤ just that! Here are some great that you will appreciate:

  • Great Photo Souvenirs: A photobooth allows your guests to take⁤ home a fun, memento of your special day. It’s something everyone will cherish for years to come.
  • Unique Entertainment: Photobooths provide your ​guests with a unique ​form of entertainment that will have them laughing and making memories.

Плюс, photobooths are perfect ‍for taking family and group​ photos. It can‍ be‍ the one spot where everyone comes together to⁢ take a nice group shot. ‌

Photobooths are also incredibly affordable and can fit into most budgets. You can even rent multiple booths if you want to step up the fun at your reception. Итак,‍ why not give your special day an extra⁤ dose of⁤ fun with a ‌photobooth?

3. Creative Photobooth Ideas

When you ‍want to add something special to your reception, ⁣a photo booth is the way to go. And when you want to go the extra mile and truly have some fun, you need some . Here are some top picks that’ll make your wedding memorable:

  • Make⁣ props a must– Whether ⁢personalized hats, masks, or mustaches, props welcome your guests to get out of their​ comfort zone and make the photos truly unique.
  • Set ​up different looks⁤ – Whether a colorful background, a beach feel, or something more formal, having different backdrops⁤ allows​ your guests to create⁤ photos that suit their personalities.
  • Capture the moment – Make​ sure you’ve got a great camera with all the bells and whistles to capture those incredible memories.
  • Include‍ props – Add props to the mix that’ll make goofy and fun photos a hit. Например, add hearts, украшения, ⁣and​ signs that express funny phrases.
  • Design your own photo album –⁣ Create some time at ⁣the reception to design your own personalized album and then⁤ come back at a later date and complete it.

Create ‌some fun – Sometimes having‌ a few guests dress up as a character or having a themed photo booth​ can be a⁤ great way to create a fun time. At the end of the night, your guests will love to look back at⁣ all the photos and remember the great time they ⁤had at your reception.

Platform ⁢Set: ⁣ A 4-6 feet long platform with a few steps might be considered.​ This will provide ​a theatrical look and add dimension to ⁢the photobooth. Include a floor-length fabric or backdrop, if desired.

Chair: Make sure to include one comfortable (but stylish!) wedding-like chair. Whether you have a throne or a chaise lounge, it is up to you!

Decorations: Choose a selection of props ⁢and decorations that fit with the theme​ of⁢ your wedding. A collection of paper parasols, frames, balloons, party hats, and fake mustaches are all ‌great ideas.


  • Disposable cameras
  • Tripod
  • Princess or party dress in different sizes
  • Lights with soft boxes
  • Festive ribbon
  • Photobooth signs

Окончательно, don’t forget to prepare ‌several instant-print copies of all the pictures taken. You could even take it a step further and‌ offer frames and scrapbooking supplies along with the photos – as a great keepsake for your guests!

5. How to Set Up a Fun Photobooth with ‘Say​ Cheese

  • Start with a backdrop: Beginning with the‍ basics, take your time to find‌ the perfect backdrop. If you’re hosting an outdoor event, a​ white picket ‌fence, or blooming garden plants, will add a beautiful backdrop to your‌ photos.
  • Cut out some props: Get ready for some fun by cutting out different shapes and sizes of props, such as mustaches, goggles, or large sunglasses. This will add a unique touch to ⁣your photobooth setup.
  • Get creative with frames: Use cardboard frames of different sizes ​and colors to create an interactive look. You​ can attach props and other ⁢fun ‍little decorations to‍ them to help make​ the photographs more unique.
  • String up some lights: To​ add a ⁤bit of sparkle to your photobooth setup, you‌ can hang a few fairy lights across it. Not ⁤only will it bring some brightness to the set, it will also add a romantic feel ⁣to the photos.
  • Put on some music: Music can set the mood for a party and it can be the perfect accompaniment for a photobooth. Set up a playlist of some upbeat and fun music ​to get your guests in the party spirit!

6. Make⁣ Your Guests Feel Like Rock Stars

1. Create aCelebrity Zone – Designate a⁢ corner ⁤of the reception area as a VIP lounge. Put out ​some white couches and hire a photographer to take pictures of your guests. Sign a backdrop with your wedding hashtag so everyone can be ​in the same frame.

2. Selfie Station – Make sure to set up a dedicated spot for guests⁤ to snap selfies. Put up a brightly colored wall that serves as a photo backdrop. Add props like sunglasses, maracas, and tiaras for guests ⁢to wear and act silly with.

3. Photobooth Backdrops ⁣– Hang various ‍materials from the ceiling, like sheets, flags, and tassels for your guests to have fun with. Make use of a unifying theme for the materials, цвета,⁢ and ⁢shapes. Finish it off with a⁢ cool neon sign!

4. ⁣Instagram Prints – Hang⁣ a large framed frame with photos taken from your Instagram account. Guests can take pictures and post​ them to your hashtag. Print a banner or poster with your hashtag that they can take pictures with.

5. Polaroid‌ Photo Booth – ‍Setup an old-fashioned photo booth with a‌ vintage-looking backdrop and globe lights. Place a box of polaroid cameras on the table for guests to use. Don’t forget to attach instructions for‍ how to use the ⁤cameras inside the box.

6. Let Your Guests Make Memories – Bring out the props and let your guests get silly with the cameras. Share laughter and make lifetime memories!

7. Tips for​ Taking‌ the Best Photos

1. Strike a Pose: Set up a fun area in the reception venue to take posed photos. Invite your guests to come in, take a seat and let you capture some fun memories! Use colorful props to create an interesting ⁢backdrop. Let guests take turns posing for photos and don’t forget to hand ⁢out props ⁤for them to use for⁤ their poses ‍–⁢ hats, sunglasses, giant props, you⁣ name ​it!

2. Use Fun Props: Photobooth props help bring any picture taken up a notch. Яркий, fun items like⁤ over-sized props, moustaches, boas, cutouts, masks and glasses are all great to have ‍at your disposal to use as creative props for posed pictures.

3. Juxtapose ⁣Fun & Formal: Combining two photos together has become very popular in recent years. As a part of your photobooth session, place your guests‌ in ⁤one photo with ⁤a fun prop and then in another one with a more formal backdrop and fashion. Simply layer the​ two together in an editor to get a combination of the two.

4. Go Old-School: ​ Strip away the modern props and‌ equipment and go for an old-school style photobooth session. Recruit a friend to take vintage-style photos of each of the guests, and‌ make ​sure to⁤ take one of each couple, ‌group, or ⁢individual in front of the set-up.

  • Use a white canvas to act as a blank backdrop to ⁣set the mood for that classic feel.
  • Bring in antique furniture like tables and chairs to complete ‌the vintage scene.
  • Hire a professional photographer or ask ⁤a tech savvy friend to take a​ break from the dance floor to‌ capture polaroid-style photos.

5. Fuze Technology: Add⁣ some high tech fun to your ⁤photobooth session by incorporating the latest in camera ‍technology. Например, have fun ‌with GoPro cameras, ⁤Digital SLRs or cameras that can be ​connected to a laptop or monitor to review the photos instantly.

6. Reward the Daredevils: To give your photobooth a fun twist, encourage your guests to dare each other to perform a feat in front of the camera. Provide a small⁣ token of appreciation for those who take the daring route,⁣ like a⁢ pair of sunglasses‍ or a customised hat.

7. Go Social: Give your guests a chance to make their photos even more ‌special by getting creative with the hashtag board. It’s an effective way to get your guests to share their photos ​right away. A bonus? You can‍ track ⁢all the fun pictures they’re sharing with the customised hashtag.

8. Final Thoughts on Using a Photobooth at Your Reception

  1. When looking for fun ways to add to your reception celebration, think about having a photobooth. Photobooths are always a hit and you’ll get to capture some of the most hilarious and⁣ precious memories from your big ‍day.
  2. Pick a Theme: Start by deciding on ‌a theme. It could be classic and pick a colour‍ scheme with backdrops and‌ props. It⁤ could be vintage and you could have your guests dress up ⁢in different outfits and use old-fashioned items as props. Or you could go completely modern and ⁤have a motion booth with GIFs⁢ and videos.
  3. Prop it Up: Whether you choose to buy props for your photobooth or create your own, ​they’ll be a fun addition to your reception.‍ Get crazy with wacky hats, glasses, and quotes on sticks and don’t forget to supply crafty materials like markers, scissors, and construction paper so people can ‍make their own⁤ props.
  4. Light it​ Up: Lighting is key ​in a good photobooth. You can use subtle but effective light fixtures to enhance the space⁣ and ensure that every photo looks good. ⁤If you’re going for the vintage vibe, make sure you get a bright light source like⁢ a UV light for an extra special effect.
  5. Make it Last: Some photobooths come with options to ⁤print out pictures, share digitally, or even add them onto a keepsake album. These little touches will make for great memories and remind your guests of all the fun they had‌ at your wedding.

Ultimately having a photobooth at your wedding is always a​ hit. It’s a great way to capture and share some of your most memorable moments with your closest family​ and ⁤friends. With a creative photobooth, your guests will be entertained ⁣and the photos will last a lifetime.‍ Say Cheese and make⁤ your wedding reception even more memorable! Your guests will love your unique photobooth ideas and the memories⁤ they get to ‌take home. So⁣ take a snap, grab some props and get ready for some hilarious photos full of ‍fun, laughter, and cheese!

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