Вершина 5 Распространенные ошибки в макияже, которые делают вас старше

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Макияж – неотъемлемая часть образа любой женщины. Это может улучшить ваши функции, добавь жизни своему лицу, и чтобы вы чувствовали себя уверенно. Но как и все остальное, слишком много макияжа также может иметь противоположный эффект и сделать вас старше.. В этой статье блога, we will explore what is the most common makeup mistakes that make you older looking. Так, читайте дальше, чтобы узнать больше об этом!

Skipping the Eyeshadow Primer

Eyeshadow primers are a crucial part of any makeup routine. Skipping this aspect can cause makeup mistakes that make you older looking. They help prevent your eyes from creasing and give them a flawless finish. Однако, many people skip using them, which can lead to aging effects. Here are three reasons why you should always use an eyeshadow primer:

1) It Prevents Creasing. If you don’t use an Eyeshadow Primer, your eyes will start to crease as the day goes on. This is because the primer helps to bind the eyeshadows together, preventing them from fading and creasing.

2) It Gives Your Eyes a Flawless Finish. An Eyeshadow Primer also helps to give your eyes a flawless finish. Without it, your shadows will start to show up as patchy and uneven. Плюс, the primer makes it easier for powder shadows to stay put all day long.

3) It Keeps Your Makeup in Place All Daylong. One of the biggest benefits of using an Eyeshadow Primer is that it keeps your makeup in place all day long. If you don’t use one, your eye makeup might start to move around or slide off your face during the course of the day.

Not Using a High-Quality Foundation

Another common mistake is using the wrong type of foundation. You should never use an oil-based foundation if you have dry skin, например. Вместо, opt for a lightweight, water-based foundation that will still provide coverage. And don’t forget to set it with powder to keep your face matte all day long.

Окончательно, be sure to use high-quality makeup. This is especially important if you have sensitive skin and are prone to breakouts. Choose brushes made from natural hairs instead of synthetic ones to avoid irritation and acne flare-ups.

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Applying Too Much Blush

Applying too much blush can make you look older. Вместо, use a light dusting of blush to give your cheeks a healthy flush. Try using a blush brush to apply the product to the apples of your cheekbones and blend outward. Another way to apply blush is with your fingers. Just pat it onto your cheeks and blend it with your fingertips.

Failing to Set Your Makeup Properly

Брови: One common makeup mistake is forgetting to set eyebrows. This can cause them to be too heavy or too light, making them look unnatural. A better option is to use a brow powder in a shade that matches your hair and then brush it through your eyebrows. Окончательно, use a brow pencil to fill in any gaps.

Губы: Many women make the mistake of applying lipstick too heavily, which can lead to chapping and redness. It’s best to start with a thin layer and add more if needed. Be sure to warm up the lipstick before applying it by patting it gently against your lips for a few minutes.

Face: One common mistake women make when applying makeup is to forget to blot their faces. This can cause oils and bacteria to build up and lead to face breakouts. Чтобы избежать этого, always use a powder or blotting paper before applying makeup, and then blot it off after it’s done.

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Troubles With Mascara

Too often, women sacrifice their looks for convenience or affordability. But there are plenty of high-quality mascaras that can help you look younger and more refreshed. When it comes to mascara, don’t be afraid to try something new. And make sure to choose one that’s formulated with ingredients that will nourish and protect your lashes. Here are four makeup mistakes that make you look older:

1. Choosing a dry mascara. Not only is this less effective, but it can also lead to brittle lashes and even lash loss. Opt for a moisturizing formula if you need some length, but skip the flaky wand!

2. Not combing through your lashes after applying mascara. Mascara clumps up over time, so brush them gently before putting on your mask! And if you’re in a rush, use a cotton swab to remove any excess before heading out the door.

3. Applying too much mascara from the start. This can cause black smudges under your eyes and an uneven appearance overall. A light coat is all you need for perfect results; go over your lashes once again if they start to feel heavy or stiff after application.

4. Failing to take care of your makeup brushes regularly. Too much product build-up on the bristles creates difficulty removing the product (and yes, even waterproof mascaras will eventually give). Once a week (or more often during particularly sweaty days), give your brushes a good cleanse with mild soap and water.


By following a few simple guidelines, you can give yourself a youthful appearance without resorting to heavy makeup or damaging products. If you ever struggle to achieve the perfect complexion, don’t hesitate to reach for one of our favorite anti-aging skincare linesthey will help keep your skin looking its best for years to come! Благодарим вас за чтение этой статьи в блоге и продолжайте делать это в будущем.!

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