Vineyards & Vows: Un mariage au pays du vin

Vignobles & Vœux: Un mariage au pays du vin

Alors que le soleil se couche, toi et ta bien-aimée dites "Je fais" dans un décor à couper le souffle de vignobles vallonnés et de canopées luxuriantes. Embrassez la beauté de la région viticole en échangeant vos vœux et commencez votre voyage ensemble dans un bonheur romantique.4 min

If you’ve ever wanted to celebrate your​ union ⁣in a ⁤romantic wine-filled setting, then look no‌ further than .​ Tucked ​away in some of the world’s most ⁣beautiful and renowned winemaking regions, ‌these‌ timeless celebrations have everything you need for a wedding⁣ to remember.

1. ‍Finding the Perfect Venue in the⁢ Wine Country

Location, Location, Location: When it comes to hosting the perfect wine country ‍wedding, the location is key. ‍From vineyard estates to spectacular wineries, there are a myriad of locations to choose from. Whether you are looking for a large estate for​ a ​celebration of hundreds,⁣ or a ​cozy spot for a wedding of ​a few, there’s a wedding⁢ venue in the wine country to fit any bride’s preference.

The Views: The wineries of the wine country provide the ​perfect backdrop for a romantic, memorable wedding. With spectacular vistas of rolling ​hills, lush vineyards, and amazing sunsets,⁣ your guests are sure to be enchanted by the beauty of ⁢the setting. Plus, many​ vineyards ⁢and wineries offer opportunities for outdoor weddings and receptions, allowing your special day to ​take place among the⁣ beauty of nature.

Amenities and Services: Most venues offer packages‌ that include everything ⁣you ​need for ‌your wedding, including catering, les tables, chaises, and wait staff. Some may even provide other special​ services to make ⁢your ‌day ⁣truly memorable, such as a chariot for your entry, a horse-drawn carriage to whisk you away after your nuptials, and surprise wine tastings‌ for your guests.

Tips for Choosing the ​Perfect Venue:

  • Research venues in⁣ advance. Check out images online⁤ and read reviews from previous brides.
  • Ask lots of questions. ‌Make sure your venue⁢ will be able⁢ to accommodate your needs.
  • Book​ well in advance. Popular venues can often have long‌ wait-lists on the weekends.
  • Visit in person to‍ get a real feel for‍ what the venue has to offer.
  • Hire a wedding planner to help you navigate all of the details.

With its breathtaking views and amazing ‌amenities, the⁤ wine country is the perfect​ place to⁢ host‌ a wedding. With a little research and lots ‍of planning, ⁢you too‍ can have a wedding‍ to ⁤remember in the⁤ vineyards and wineries of the wine country.

2. Styling⁣ the⁣ Unique Wine Country⁢ Wedding

How ‌you style your wine ⁣country wedding can help set the perfect backdrop for tying‍ the knot. Get creative​ and think outside the‌ box for styling elements that evoke romance, joy, and celebrate the stunning wine country locale.

  • Couleurs: Opt​ for⁤ wines and vines as your inspiration⁢ for a gorgeous‍ color palette of reds, purples,‍ greens,‌ and ivory. Soft fuchsia and lavender florals, or light pink and lilac tones, are ‍an​ irresistibly romantic backdrop for a wine country wedding.
  • Textiles: For a​ classic, vintage-style country setting,⁣ use a mix of linens, faded ⁢velvets, and cottons. For⁣ a more modern look, try overlaying sheer fabrics like chiffon and organza for an airy, fairytale-style effect.
  • Éclairage: ⁣Lanterns, ambient lighting, and gilded chandeliers all make for elegant lighting choices for a vineyard wedding.⁤ Include ‍string lights‍ for soft lighting ‌options near the⁣ dance floor. If your wedding is happening during the day, use ⁤natural ⁣sunlight ⁤to your advantage as much as possible!
  • Accents ‍& ⁣Decor: Set the tone for your‌ wine country wedding ⁢with deep red and pale pink ⁢roses, lush succulents, and lush ivy accents. Make a statement with antique tablescapes mixed with modern glassware. Include corkscrews, wine ‍barrels, and bottles of wine⁢ with the table settings. Don’t⁣ forget grapevine wreaths, aussi.

No matter which components you incorporate, a ⁢wine country wedding is⁣ sure to be the perfect way to say “I⁢ do” in a ⁢stunning, romantic setting.

3. Working Together with ⁢Professionals for Optimal Results

When you are​ planning the most important day of your life together, it⁣ pays to enlist the help of professionals, who ⁢can help​ bring your ⁢celebratory vision to life. For a wine country wedding‌ specifically, ‌there are a few different professionals you’ll need to make‌ it all come together.

  • Salle de mariage:
  • Your wedding venue needs to be a stunning spot to welcome your guests, and⁢ many vineyards have solemn⁣ spaces where you can exchange your vows. ‍With their unique features ‌like sweeping views, open-air venues and beyond, vineyards‍ provide the perfect backdrop for a unique and beautiful ceremony.

  • Catering:
  • After the ⁢ceremony, your⁣ guests will ⁤need something to sate both their hunger and ‍their thirstthis is where a⁤ caterer‌ becomes indispensable. A caterer should be chosen to⁢ match the location and of course⁢ the happy couple’s wishes. A quality caterer will provide tasteful,⁤ delicious ​dishes that pair‍ perfectly with the⁣ various wines offered.

  • Wine/Beverage:
  • ⁤A quality wine can put the finishing​ touches⁣ to any wedding and should be chosen‍ adroitly ‌to have the celebration ‍customers will never forget.‍ In a wine country ‍wedding, what better place to ​find​ the perfect‍ vintages ‍than your own local⁣ vineyards? They can also​ provide the perfect craft⁢ beers to enhance the ‍ambiance of a reception.‌

  • Planning Assistance:
  • Last but ⁢certainly not least, it really pays to enlist professional‍ wedding planners to ensure that your day is everything​ you dreamed of. When you’re united together, you can share ideas,⁢ responsibilities, and tasks to ​make ⁣sure ‌everything⁤ is taken care of in an orderly ‌way.

4. ​Thoughtful Touches that Enhance the Overall Experience

From lighting⁢ to music, there are a few ‍little touches⁢ that⁣ can go‌ a ⁢long way in transforming a good wedding experience to a great one.

  • Flickering Candles: Candlelight adds a soft and romantic effect to ‌any wedding ceremony. Use modern looking lanterns to combine a whimsical ‌atmosphere,‌ or go ⁣classic‌ with traditional candelabras.
  • Live Music: Whether it’s ⁢a classical quartet, folksy guitar, or something more contemporary, live music ⁣can really give a wedding moment its own unique flavor.

A vineyard wedding​ offers some perks that‍ can make it a truly unique setting for that⁢ special occasion. Consider‍ outdoor ⁣lounge furniture such as benches or sofas with ⁣colorful cushions for​ your guests to relax on. Ask the venue about renting‌ an outside bar with ⁣a⁤ rustic wooden façade ⁣or colorful paint.

For added dimension,‌ feature‌ a fire pit or two ‍ to keep your guests ⁢cozy. Embellish these areas with vintage signs featuring⁣ custom-made welcome‍ messages and motivational quotes about‌ love and marriage. And don’t forget‍ the background music –​ acoustic guitars, violins, or even a band ⁣playing ​gentle n country-style tunes!

5. Capturing a Timeless Record of This Special Day

Textured‍ Moments: Invite a photojournalist to capture the‌ little moments in between the⁤ rituals- ​wind-tossed hair, your ‌mom’s ⁢proud smile, and‌ the couple laughing as they exchange ​their rings. This artist’s eye will help you remember and⁤ relive the story you each wrote⁤ together on ⁤your wedding day.

Vintage Album: Go for a keepsake that can’t be digitized with a custom-printed album! Look for fine-art options that‍ make your page-turning experience as tactile and robust as your wedding celebration.​ Have⁣ a⁣ few favorites printed on archival materials ⁤or source families’ albums from local craft stores to give‍ your photos a timeless feel.

One-of-a-Kind ⁢Prints: ⁢ Consider refreshing family heirlooms from wedding days past. Commission a custom painting or print of ‍your couple portrait which you can hang in your home ​to remind ​you ⁣of the deep connection you share.

Keepsakes: Enjoy⁢ a ⁣piece of your day every single day by getting creative with your prints! Turn some of your favorites into a:

  • Custom⁣ Puzzle
  • Desktop Calendar
  • Mug with ‌Your Portrait
  • iPhone/Tablet ‍Cover with Your Couple Portrait
  • Gift Wrap ​featuring Your Wedding Plug

When it comes to ⁣weddings,⁢ there’s nothing⁤ quite like a wine ⁢country experience: intimate‌ wineries, stunning views, and​ blissful bonds just waiting ⁤to be formed. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway ‌or a ‌glamourous event, a wine⁢ country wedding allows​ you to savor the‍ unforgettable flavor of a‌ celebration that will last a lifetime.​ Cheers to the vineyards and vows that make your special day so divine!

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