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Cómo vestirse rápido para el trabajo: Consejos de moda para las mañanas ocupadas

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‍Es lunes por la mañana, y sabes lo que eso significa: Tienes una nueva semana por delante, con nuevos plazos y tareas. You also now have to deal with your work clothes, probably won’t be up to speed with your busy lifestyle. Sure, you love to dress quickly for work — but those office dress codes can take a toll on your outfits if you’re not careful.

Instead of spending 10 minutes getting ready in the morning, why not spend those extra few seconds on something useful? Después de todo, who knows? By making your workday as stress-free as possible, maybe that extra bit of time will help you finish everything a little bit faster.

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What to Wear to Work?

Don’t forget the wholedress codewhen choosing your work attire. You’re not only representing your company; you’re representing your organization’s entire team, down to their level of professionalism. Entonces, put in the extra effort to make sure that you look your best. At the same time, make sure that you’re not being too informal. You don’t want to wear slacks that are too big for you or a shirt that’s too big. Your clothes should be able to breathe, so if they’re too tight or constricting, they will make you feel super uncomfortable.

Comfort: Your Clothes Should Be Able to Breathe

Try to look for clothing that can be worn on multiple levels. Depending on how busy your work is and whether you’re in jeans or a suit, you may want to look for more comfortable, easy-to-wear pieces. You don’t want to go all in one direction and then be forced to go the other with no time to change. Comfort, ease of movement, and versatility all come together in a great work jacket.


Professional Business Look: Fit, but Not Too Tight

A great way to make sure that you look your best while also feeling comfortable is to pick pieces that fit you well — but aren’t too tight. You don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard or squeezing into an outfit that’s too small or too big. Pick pieces that look good on you but aren’t too tight or restrictive. Recordar, a professional business look is about more than just being fit. It’s about feeling comfortable, looking good, and moving around quickly in your clothes.

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Change Up Your Outfit Daily, or You’ll Have Sweaty Work Clothes

The best thing you can do for your clothes is to change your outfits as often as possible. That way, your clothes will get some fresh activewear, and your work environment will get some variety. If you have to wear the same clothes daily, you’re committing a crime against your work clothes. By the end of the week, your clothes will be stinky, stiff, and sweaty. That’s not good for anyone, especially not for the people who are going to be working around them.


If you haven’t got many other outfits to wear, consider getting a better deodorant that will help you re-wear some of your go-to clothes. Here you can read more about different deodorants.

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