Inspiración del cabello de celebridades: Nuestros estilos favoritos

From fresh-fades and bobs to marvelous manes and hip-length⁢ lobs, celebrity hair styles never cease to amaze us. Después de todo, if⁢ there are any ​trend-setters ‌in the celebrity world, it’s‍ definitely when it comes ‌to hairstyles. We rounded up some of our favorite celebrity hairstyles from‌ the recent past and presentso if you’re looking for a bit of hairspiration, you’re in⁢ luck!

  • Braids: From intricate scallop patterns to less-than-perfect mohawks, braids never fail to turn heads on the red carpet. One‌ of the most popular celebrity hair‌ trends in recent years is the ‌“boxer braid,” which is a⁢ modified French braid in which each separate piece of⁢ hair⁢ is ‌woven together ‌for an edgy yet casual look.
  • Pixie Cuts: Bobs and ⁢pixie cuts have become increasingly popular amongst celebrities of all styles and personalities. Sleek cuts that hit around the chin emphasize the cheekbones and add texture to any look. A pixie cut is chic, eterno, and can‍ be varied in infinite ways depending on the look desired.‍
  • Textured Bangs: Because bangs never‌ really go out of style, they can be styled in a myriad of ways depending on the desired ⁢aesthetic. Natural-looking bangs conjure up 1930s vibes, while textured bangs often add⁣ volume​ and‍ texture to any updo.
  • Ponytails: Ponytails are both sophisticated ⁢and convenient, making them a‌ great go-to style for⁤ many celebrities. From high ponytails to half-up, half-down looks, the possibilities for stylish ⁢ponytails are endless. Not only do they look great, but they’re also perfect for any ⁣outing from a casual lunch to⁣ a black-tie event. ‍
  • Waved Hair: Loose waterfall curls, beach ‌waves, and tousled‍ locks all evoke an old Hollywood vibe, making them a popular choice among celebrities. Depending on the look desired, waves‌ can be both tasteful‌ and fun. ‌Adding texture cream or waves to create a looks ⁤that’s both effortless and glamorous.

2. Red Carpet Ready Updos

The Return of the ‍Classic​ Updo

What would a red carpet event be without‌ the‍ classic updo? It’s a timeless hairstyle, perfect for any event. This look was seen on many celebrities this past year and ‍is sure to be back in 2021. From chignons and twists to French rolls and half-up dos, the classic updo brought a touch of elegance ‌to the celebrations. Our favorites:

  • Chignon: A chignon is a classic updo perfect for ⁣formal events. This look can be highly⁤ stylized for a night out or ​kept more ‌romantic‍ for an⁢ elegant ‍occasion.
  • Half-up: The half-up style is a great way to add a bit of drama to an updo. This look can also⁤ be accessorized with a ⁢beautiful clasp‍ for an extra touch of sparkle.
  • Twists: Twists are⁤ a great way to add a modern touch to the⁣ classic updo. This look is easy to style ⁢and very versatile. It can be ⁣sleek and polished or have soft, natural waves.
  • French Roll: A French roll is a timeless style that is ‌always appropriate for a red ‌carpet event. It can be dressed up with jewels and the more you accessorize the more glamorous it will be.

The Modern Updo

This year, we saw a lot of modern updos on the⁣ red carpet.⁤ These looks definitely​ stood out from the crowd and it’s safe to ‍say that they won’t be going out of style anytime soon. From ‍textured braids‌ to intricate knots, these hairstyles were a breath ‍of ⁤fresh air and⁤ gave celebrities the perfect way to express their own unique style. Our favorites:

  • Textured Braids:Textured braids⁤ bring a modern edge to an updo. This style​ can be dressed up or down, depending ‍on the occasion.
  • Frisure Braids:Frisure braids add a romantic touch to an ⁢updo. This ⁢style can be worn​ with loose curls for a soft and feminine look.⁤
  • Knots:Knots are a great‍ way to add a touch ⁤of fun to a classic look. This style can be dressed ​up with accessories or kept more simple for a more subtle look.
  • Loose Updos: Loose updos are great for⁣ a casual event. This style can be worn with minimal styling for a chic and laid-back look. ⁤

3. DIY Styling Tutorials

Beach Waves – Get that ‌beachy look with just a few simple items. All you need⁣ is a curling iron, laca para el cabello, and some mousse. Start by applying the mousse then wrap sections of your hair around the curling iron. Spray‌ each curl⁤ with hairspray and you’re done.

Messy Bun – Effortless yet elegant, the messy bun ​is the epitome of ​chic. Begin with curling the ends of your ⁣hair with a curling iron. Gather all⁤ of your hair in a high ponytail, then twist it around to form the bun. Leave a few tendrils out for a more carefree⁤ aesthetic.

Textured Waves – You won’t even believe how ⁢easy it is to style these romantic waves. All you have to do is ⁢blow dry your hair upside down, then add some⁤ texturizing spray. Once​ it’s dried, pull out sections of your hair with your fingertips and you’ve got the look.

Faux Bob – The faux ‌bob is a great look​ for when‌ you want to switch it up. Begin by gathering your hair ‍at the nape of your neck. Secure it with a hair tie and then wrap it into a bun. Braid the bun, then‌ secure it with bobby pins and you’re done!

  • Braids
  • Half-up Half-down
  • One⁤ Length Curls

Tired of the same old hairstyles? No ‌worries! With inspiration from these celebrity⁣ looks, you’ll never experience a hair rut‍ again. Whether you’re into something retro or want to rock an edgy style, there are plenty of options available.

  • Headbands never a fashion faux pas, ‍headbands​ have been a sweet, simple way to spice up your hair for centuries. From the classic velvet version, rhinestone options for‌ a bit of glitz, or wide fabric bands making a statement, all eyes will be on you and your mane.
  • Hair Clips take​ it back to the 90s with a clip in your hair. Whether you go more subtle with a few thin barrettes, take it up a‍ notch with some fun colors or shapes, or get daring with some gem-studded accessories, there is a hair clip to fit every style.
  • Ribbons and ⁤Bowsnever underestimate the power of a ‍single, well-placed⁣ ribbon. From a delicate bow, to a large velvet option, this timeless look can be modified to meet any dress code and works with all types ⁤of hair, from thick ⁣to thin.
  • Feathers -⁢ taking a page out of the cowboy handbook, ‌feathers are an unexpected accessory that can take your look to ‌the next level. From long rooster feather tails to delicate ostrich plumes, any style can add some feather flair to create a unique statement.
  • Sombreros don’t forget ‌the basics! Hats are classic, and the easy addition‌ of a hat‌ can offer ‍an extra layer of protection from the sun while adding an extra level of sophistication to an outfit. Whether opting for a ‍wide-brimmed ⁢straw hat for a beach bash, ⁣or ​a chic fedora for a night out on the area, the possibilities are truly endless.

Celebrities have long been practiced in‌ the art of mastering a⁤ great hair look. Whether going for a wild night out⁣ with friends, or a⁢ big award show red carpet, hair always plays a major role in a‍ celebrity’s ensemble. As the saying goes –‍ “hair is the finishing touch.” From sleek top knots to elaborate braids, ‍up-dos, y más, there are endless options and⁣ possibilities. Here are some of our favorite hair styles and the accessories used to achieve them.

5. Hairstylist Recommendations

  • Rachel McAdams
    Rachel McAdams is known for her signature shoulder-length waves. Her haircuts ⁤exude confidence and⁤ charm, and ⁣they look effortless no matter what the occasion. She often styles her hair with smooth, loose curls that look classic‌ and timeless.
  • <li><strong>Emma Stone</strong><br/>Emma Stone has become a fashion icon for a new generation. Her hair changes frequently, but she's consistently opted for styles that are both feminine and effortless. Her favorite look is a sleek bob that’s cut close to her neck.</li>
    <li><strong>Keira Knightley</strong><br/>Keira Knightley’s sleek, shoulder-length hair has been on trend for nearly a decade. She opts for a timeless style with plenty of volume and texture. Lately, she’s been experimenting with highlights to add a little more drama to her look.</li>
    <li><strong>Julianne Hough</strong><br/>Julianne Hough’s signature style is a textured, wavy bob. Her color is always on point, and she’s not afraid to go bold with her haircuts. Her styles are ideal for anyone looking to make a statement with their hair.</li>
    <li><strong>Ariana Grande</strong><br/>Ariana Grande is not afraid to take risks with her hair. She’s known for her signature high ponytail, but she also loves trying horned bobs and long, straight cuts with sliced layers. Her looks are always flawless, which makes them perfect for anyone looking for an edgy style.</li>

6. Versatile Cuts ⁤for Every Occasion

When it comes to​ celebrity hairstyles, it’s‍ hard to know what’s trending and what’s classic. Whether ‌it’s a simple bob cut or something more daring like a pixie, here are some of our ‌favorite styling‍ looks we ⁣love from some of⁤ the ⁤biggest stars of the moment.

  • Jessica ChastainThe A-lister ⁣pairs her natural shoulder-length tresses with deep⁤ side-parts and subtle bouncing curls. The result is effortless and flattering to just about any face shape.
  • Taraji P. HensonTalk about a classic! Taraji rocks all her looks with soft waves that appear to have ⁣taken no time‌ whatsoever to get done. This look transitions seamlessly from day to night,⁣ all with the help of a few spritzes​ from a beach wave spray.
  • Cara DelevingneShe’s ​sported a range of cuts over the years, ⁣but we’ve always ⁣been partial to ⁢her long pixie. The texture is razor cut, which adds some ⁤volume, and the back is very lightly layered to show off an​ good silhouette.

Whether you are looking to ‍create a⁢ luxurious feel or prefer something soft and⁢ romantic, check out these picks for your perfect celebrity-inspired cut.

  • Sienna MillerFor those blessed with thick locks, pay homage to Sienna with a blunt one-length cut. The sleekness contrasts⁢ nicely with⁢ a ⁣strong​ parting and eyes-grazing fringe.
  • Kerry Washington -⁣ If you’re into something timeless yet modern, try Kerry’s chin-length bob⁣ with long swoopy fringes and some ⁣piece-y pieces in the back. ​The results are​ quite literally red-carpet-ready.
  • Eva LongoriaWhen you want to radiate sex appeal, ‍Eva’s⁢ choppy shaggy bob is a safe bet. Layers create slight volume and texture, making it the perfect cut if you want an edgy and fierce look.

No matter‍ your hair type,⁣ there’s something for everyone‌ when it comes to celebrity ‍hair inspiration. From Missy Elliott’s coral pink braided look to Zendaya’s latest bantu-knot style to Priyanka Chopra’s classic bunwe’ve rounded up the​ best of celeb hair‌ trends. So grab your hairbrush, a ⁢pack of feel-good jams and hit the styling stationthe possibilities ​are endless.

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