Beachy Waves: Get the Salty Surfer Hair Look

Beachy Waves: Get the Salty Surfer Hair Look

Feel the salty sea breeze and let your hair flow with beachy waves. Get that surfer 'do in just a few easy steps and get ready to take on the beach!4 min

Ahoy beach babes! If you’ve ‌ever dreamed of ⁤creating⁤ that ‌effortlessly stylish ‘surfer girl’ look – all windswept⁣ seductive beachy waves and ‍a lightly salted​ sheen – then ⁤your dreams are about to become reality! This article is your guide to⁤ achieving beachy waves that will make your ⁢friends⁢ green ‍with⁢ envy – no surfboard needed! ‍So, grab your salt spray, and​ let’s get styling!

1. Understand What Beachy Waves are

Beachy waves are ‌the effortless,⁣ dreamy look ⁢that ⁤takes you straight‌ to the beach, with ​tousled locks that‌ graze the shoulders. Whether you’re heading out for a‍ night on the town, or⁤ a laid-back weekend brunch, beachy​ waves are the perfect ‌hairstyle to capture⁢ the salty surfer look.

  • The‍ Natural Look: This timeless hairstyle naturally looks like you’ve just ⁤stepped out of‍ the⁢ ocean – windswept and completely effortless.
  • Long & Tousled: Beachy waves grant the perfect bed-head look,⁣ with⁢ long tousled locks that will frame your face.
  • Suitable for Any Hair Type: Whether you have short, ‍curly, or thick hair, this⁤ style is⁤ perfect for ‌all hair types.

Getting the‌ beachy waves look is easier than you ‌think. Start by washing your hair and towel-drying it until it’s just​ damp. To achieve⁣ the best results, you’ll need‌ medium‍ length hair. ⁤If you have shorter⁣ lengths, you can still achieve this look by curling​ the ends first.

Once ‌your‍ hair is prepped​ you’ll need to spritz ⁢it with‌ a leave-in‌ conditioner. ​This will help to protect the hair from any heat damage and​ add more body. To finish the look, use a tong to curl your hair. You can use the tong to create small waves ‌or​ larger curls – it ⁣totally depends on the look you’re going​ for.

2.​ Preparing Your Hair for Beachy Waves

Getting that effortlessly wavy beach hair look starts in the shower. ⁤Prep your hair accordingly for maximum⁣ frizz-free beachy waves.

1. Choose a Moisturizing Shampoo ‍and Conditioner

  • Go ‍for a‍ shampoo and conditioner that is designed specifically for adding moisture.
  • This will hydrate your ⁢hair and help prevent breakage.

2. Go‌ Easy on ​the ⁣Heat

  • Towel-dry your hair and avoid using hot tools like a hair dryer ⁢and straightener.
  • This will⁤ keep the​ hair moisturized and give you a better⁤ chance of creating waves.

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3. Take Time and Detangle​ Mane

  • Use a wide-tooth‍ comb⁣ to remove tangles and knots.
  • This will help you get those ‌voluminous waves.

4. ⁢Work in Some Hair ‍Oil

  • Rub a dime-sized amount ​of hair oil through your mane.
  • This will smooth the strands, add shine, and protect against humidity.

3. Tips⁢ for Creating ​Beachy Waves

1. Prep Your Hair With ⁢Sea ⁤Salt Spray: ‍To achieve beachy waves, use a sea salt spray and ​spritz onto damp or freshly washed hair. Sea​ salt ‌spray will ‌help to smooth‍ your⁢ individual strands and add ‌definition to the shape of your ⁢waves. Be sure to pay attention to ⁢the weight ‌of ⁣the spray when buying it to make sure you don’t ⁤get too much.

2. Diffuse Your Hair: Using a hairdryer with an⁣ adjustable diffuser will help lock in the shape of your waves while ⁤preventing frizz and additional damage to ⁤your hair. Just be ⁤sure to move your diffuser ⁤up and down your​ hair shafts.

3. Finish⁤ With An Oils: ⁣Adding a few drops of oils ⁤such as argan, coconut ⁤or‍ jojoba ‍to your hair will help seal in the⁢ moisture while providing ​shine ⁣and definition. Leave a ​few of the oils on your scalp to help⁤ keep the scalp hydrated.

4.‌ Tweak Your Waves: Even if you followed all the​ tips, you may still have to‍ tweak your ⁣waves ​to get the perfect beachy look. To break up your waves and to ⁣add ‌texture pull gently ‍on individual ⁤sections of your hair. As⁤ well⁤ as wrapping​ some ⁣sections of your hair around a curling‍ iron to give your waves more definition.

5. ‌Use ​Styling Products: When styling your⁢ beachy waves ⁣always use a lightweight non-greasy product to get that naturally messy beach ‍look. Products such​ as ‌foams,⁢ mousses, pomades, hairspray and⁣ waxes all work great for ‍beachy waves.

6.⁢ Refresh Your Waves: If you want to refresh your waves throughout the ​day, ‌spritz a bit of sea salt spray onto your waves​ and tousle your hair with your fingers.‌ This will define your waves and help you to maintain ‍the ⁣beachy look.

4. Products⁣ to Help ⁢You​ Achieve the Look

Light Hold – ⁣For a beachy style ⁢with ‍a ​light hold, ‍choose ‌a light salt spray like the L’Oreal Paris Beach Wave ​Spray. ‌ This product is designed to give beachy​ texture, without⁢ leaving hair feeling heavy and greasy.

Strong Hold – If‍ you’re after a longer-lasting style with a stronger texture, opt for a ​spray mousse like ⁤the Unite Expanda Dust. This product is‌ ideal for creating and setting waves. Its blend of proteins ⁣and‌ natural dust gives hair a flavorful‍ hold and ⁣lots of ⁤texture.

Curl Enhancers – To give ⁣your waves a boost, try a‍ texturizing​ cream like the⁣ John Frieda Beach Blonde Sea Waves. ⁢This product is⁣ specifically ⁣designed to enhance waves⁣ and curls while helping to protect hair ⁣from heat damage. It also adds‌ shine and moisture.

Hydrator – To keep ⁤your salted‍ waves looking their best, grab a‌ hydrating oil texture spray like the Aquage Sea Salt Texturizing Spray. This product is formulated with natural sea salts to ​add giant, crunchy waves that won’t dry ⁣out your​ hair.⁣ It also helps ‍to give hair moisture ‌and shine.

5. Finishing‍ Touches to Perfect the Beachy Wave Look

  • Protect Your Hair from the Elements: Make ⁤sure to apply a⁢ leave-in conditioner⁣ or serum for an extra⁢ layer of protection from ⁤the sun, salt and sand.
  • Tuck It Away: Use​ a headscarf, baseball hat or scarf ⁣to keep the hair in ‌place.
  • Add More Texture: Sprinkle a little sea‍ salt spray onto your hair for more texture and extra waves.
  • Ensure Long-Lasting Waves: For those who‍ are blessed with sculpable hair, ⁢spritz on some hairspray to keep⁢ the waves from wilting away too quickly.
  • Let ‌It Shine: Use a⁣ light polishing​ serum for‍ an extra boost of shine ⁤to make your beachy waves even more radiant. When you’ve got the beachy waves look, you can be sure to turn heads.‌ So go ahead and make a splash with this breezy, yet‌ trendsetting style. Whether you’re a beach‍ bum or an urbanite, that salty‌ surfer hair look works for everyone.

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